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Currently the largest UK platform for pre-registration students, we have over 1000 students join our platform every single year.

Pre-registration training

Pre-registration training packages developed by some of the most experienced academics in pharmacy.

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Low cost membership so you can focus on learning and not your bank balance.

calculation & CLINICAL mock exams

Large bank of calculation and clinical questions so you can practice till you're perfect.

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Our innovative web platform allows you to learn with friends and message each other directly and create your own network

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Choose the plan that works for you. Our free membership gives you access to some great learning materials and articles. Our paid membership gives you access to our bank of mock exams and more in depth learning material developed by some of the most experienced academics in pharmacy  




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Frequently asked questions

When we developed the platform we looked at how people learn. One of the reasons why social networks are so popular is because it helps us connect with our peers. So, we have a developed  social network features into our platform so when you and your friends register you can connect with them and learn together!

We are currently developing Android and iPhone apps with some great features such as virtual reality and augmented reality that make learning even more fun.

The app is currently undergoing development and testing. VR and AR technology are very cutting edge and we want to ensure you have the best possible experience when you are using our app so we will announce later this when it is likely to be released for beta testing. 

We are always looking for people with experience in teaching. If you teach pharmacy at a university and would like to join our team please contact us as