About US

PassPharma is an innovative pharmacy training company. We work with highly experienced pharmacists in academia to develop training material and mock exams for pre-registration pharmacists so they are prepared for a bright career in the pharmacy profession!


Pharmacy is a fast changing profession and with current advances in technology we are developing content and content delivery systems that can keep up with this rapid change and deliver the latest learning material to you directly.


As pharmacists with years of experience we understand your needs and the challenges you will face as a qualified healthcare professional which is why we strive to give the best possible training and support you throughout your training year and beyond.    

Why Choose Us

Real time stats

You can easily see stats of how well you've performed on your online mock exams.

Low cost membership

We were once students too and we understand how expensive things can become so we have promised to keep our membership costs low so you can spend less time looking at your bank balance and more time on learning

Easy to use interface

We have developed our website to be user friendly and mobile friendly so you can spend more time learning and less time searching!

Amazing app and website

We are developing cutting edge learning app to help you learn faster and better.

We are here for you

We are always available to support you via email or our WhatsApp groups.