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The Lancashire Calculations Mock Exam 2023 Paper 1

Tohidul March 8, 2023

Instructions to candidates

  1. For each question answer in the space provided.
  2. You should answer the questions as though you were a registered pharmacist, not a pre-registration trainee.
  3. There are 40 calculation questions in this paper.
  4. The time allowance for this paper is 120 minutes.
  5. You should score one mark for each correct answer; no markswill be deducted for incorrect answers or omissions.
  6. Reference material may be provided for some questions,these are provided in the extract booklet.
  7. You may find the resource pack provided useful to answerquestions with this icon
  8.  No additional reference sources may be used in this paper.       
  9. Calculators are permitted in this assessment.                                      .


Part 1 Resource Pack

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