Hi all, I’ve received a lot of private messages aswell as seen a lot of messages circulate on the group and so thought I’d put a message here to give clarity re:COVID-19 and preparation for your exam.

As you’re all aware, we have been in contact with the GPHC last Friday and they have informed us that, as it stands, the exam still remains at the usual date. For those who have received messages to say that the gphc are considering moving the exam so that it’s online, cancelling the exam, informing pharmacy tutors that it’s up to them whether or not a student is competent to practice etc etc, this is all UNTRUE.

A number of students have asked to get a petition together and approach the gphc for their lack of guidance surrounding COVID-19 and the exam. From previously experiences, petitions work to little or no effect. In 2014, we saw students take up tremendous time and effort to carry out a mass petition and demonstrate a protest outside the GPHC office however this had no effect. Further petitions have been carried out for several other issues over the years and again this didn’t have much effect. The best thing you can do in this case, is remain patient, focus on revising for your exam and wait for any guidance to be recieved.

Email any concerns to the gphc and bpsa, however they will most likely issue guidance as government guidance is issued.

Dont take your eye off the ball

As pharmacists, we always face challenges, and COVID-19 is no exception. Adapt to the change rationally and as difficult as it seems, remain focused on your exam even if your revision strategy has to change accordingly. The worst thing you can do is panic.

mock exams

A lot of training providers may have decided to cancel their mock exam or training days. If they havnt, get in touch with them so you can amend your revision plan accordingly. As previously mentioned, PassPharma are already taking productive steps after cancelling all proposed face-to-face training/mock exams and switching it to the online portal so that you are not disadvantaged. It doesn’t get any more cost effective at £5/week too and so again, there’s no need to panic ?. The website is . Other training providers are available online too.

Lastly, remember this is affecting all Pre Regs and not just you and so this will definitely be taken into account.

Adapt, stay focused, re-strategise and rationally work your way through to overcome any barriers between you and becoming a qualified pharmacist

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