PassPharma Lancashire Mock 2020 Review

Mock examinations encourage people to revise at an early stage, improve knowledge, to familiarise themselves with pressure and to act as a guide to move forward. I had a great first-hand experience with this through the PassPharma Lancashire Mock Examination.

The best thing about my experience is that the Lancashire Mock day not only had a great structure and was very organised but most importantly it was conducted under examination conditions which gave students an indication of how the actual GPHC exam may go.

Before the exam started, we were given a motivational speech about how to handle exam stress. PassPharma brought in a Doctor in Psychology to do this. I found this to be very useful given my circumstances on the day which saw my train journey get cancelled; leaving me very stressed. On the actual day of the GPHC exam, anything can happen and so this talk allowed me to gain an insight into how to manage stress on the day.  

After the exam we didn’t just pack our things and leave, we went through the different styles of questions that may be asked according to the GPHC framework and how to approach them. This was very beneficial as we were also given the opportunity to ask questions. This PassPharma examination has given me an idea of what to expect in June. While doing the mock and when going through it, I realised where my weaknesses lie and as a result of this, I will now revise more in these areas while studying further for mock exams and consequently the final examination.

The PassPharma social media platforms has also been fantastic in aiding me to success. This is because students can discuss topics under the supervision of trained academic pharmacists. The admins of the platform regularly send us questions to work on and provide materials for further readings.

PassPharma are doing an amazing job on their platforms as they are giving us so much support and motivation to study on a daily basis.

Alaa Ali
University of Sunderland
Community Pharmacy Pre-Registration Student 2019-2020

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